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December 19, 2017
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How to Wear and Style a Fur JacketFur is a very luxurious item that when worn properly looks amazing on anyone. There are some good rules of thumb to keep in mind when wearing items like a fur jacket. Fur by its very nature looks extravagant and if care is not taken to accessorize it properly with the appropriate garments, the look can end up being one that gives other people the impression that you may be vain or pompous. It is also equally as important to make sure that the fur stays looking its best or you could also wind up looking like a furry beast. Knowing how to wear and style a fur jacket appropriately can make you turn heads, for all the right reasons.

What to Consider

One of the things that need consideration when wearing a real fur jacket or faux fur jacket is that the fur by itself makes a huge statement. One mistake that people make when wearing a fur jacket is making it an occasion to wear anything and everything else that is as extravagant as well, when in actuality being less extravagant is the way to go.

Less is More

While it may be tempting to wear clothing and accessories that are really dressy or flashy with a fur jacket, taking a minimalist approach to clothing choices is a far safer bet since a great fur jacket is already eye-catching on its own. One of the first rules that go with donning a fur coat is not to wear other items that are too grandiose or the look gets overpowering. You also need to make sure not to wear items that are bulky. Fur already has a tendency to make the frame look larger than it actually is.

Accentuate the Design

Fur Jacket Design

Suggested Wardrobe Choices

Leopard print

For a trendy look, wear a vintage-inspired dress with heavy stockings and Chelsea boots

Cropped faux fur

Short length is ideal with leather pants or high waisted skirt, silk t-shirt, and tall boots

Shaggy and long

Pair with flowing bohemian dress, knee high boots


White blouse, tan jeggings, heels for a casual but sophisticated look

Caring for a Fur Jacket

Once you have a fur jacket or other fur accessories, it is important to take care of it properly. If you take care of your fur jacket now, it takes care of you later.


When not wearing the jacket, always make sure to hang it up on a coat hanger in the closet in a location where the fur receives adequate air ventilation. Fur needs room to breathe and should not end up in a plastic bag for storage. To protect your jacket during transportation, place the jacket in a cloth garment bag, and never expose the fur to mothballs or other storage chemicals as fur has a tendency to absorb odors.


Fur jackets need a good routine cleaning every now and then, if only just to freshen up the fur. If you feel like taking on the responsibility of maintaining the jacket yourself, there are many fur cleaners and conditioners on the market to aid you in this process. If you do not feel brave enough to tackle this responsibility, you can always drop it off for dry cleaning. But, in either case, always follow the care instructions of the manufacturer to keep the jacket looking its best.


When wearing your fur jacket, try not to sit in the same position for long periods of time. Pressure on fur can crush and crease the fur and also leads to the fur wearing out prematurely. If possible, try not to sit on the jacket or change positions when you can.

How to Buy Fur Jackets on eBay

One of the things that consumers enjoy the most about shopping on eBay is that there is typically items in a wide price range from which to choose. Due to the vast number of individuals who sell their items here, prices are competitive and affordable. It is easy to locate the best fur jackets by entering descriptive words into the search query box from any eBay Web page.

Fur jackets make gorgeous outerwear choices and are perfect to wear on almost any occasion that necessitates cool weather attire. Choosing garments carefully to go with fur help to tie the look together and create a desirable fashion statement.

A by Adrienne Landau Floral Printed Faux Fur Jacket
A by Adrienne Landau Floral Printed Faux Fur Jacket
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Ariana Grande’s Faux Fur Jacket SHOP Her Exact Look For $150
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