Chinchilla Fur Vest

February 27, 2015
Flamingo Natural Chinchilla

Fur, the oldest fabric known to man, is one of nature’s most enduring products. It is extremely versatile and can be reinvented to look contemporary. We love fur for its durability and sustainable nature, but most of all for how surprising it is, with each piece being different from the other. Nothing feels more luxurious and nothing will ever keep you warmer.
To better understand what type of fur would be right for you, here are 5 of the most popular ones ready to mesmerize you with their unique qualities.

Fur selection for a coat or vest


Mink coats are the wardrobe heroes of most women around the world and they are sold at a wide variety of prices depending on fur quality. Touching a mink coat before buying it is a fail-safe test, so look for longer guard hairs on top and an even-textured underfur (the denser lower layer). The pelts of the female mink are softer and lighter than those of males hence many more will be needed for a coat. The fur is quite durable and, with the appropriate care, it can last for more than two decades.


Sheared beaver is really velvety to the touch, extremely durable thanks to its thick underfur and comes in shades ranging from dark brown on the back to golden brown and even silvery on the sides. Beaver fur is inexpensive (especially Southern beaver) and really warm, but if it gets repeatedly wet, it may mat, requiring annual cleaning and professional care.


Softer than any other fur and ranging from gray to slate blue, luxurious chinchilla is an expensive and precious variety. Being rather fragile, this type needs lots of care. It is really dense and silky, boasting an elegant silver-gray color with darker underfur, but the finest one is slate blue. The beauty of a chinchilla coat is that it’s lightweight yet extremely warm. Wear it for a touch of opulence.


After mink, fox is the most popular fur all over the world. Coming in many natural colors, wild red fox (the most common) is the least expensive, while platina and white are the priciest ones and the ultimate in glam fashion. Mostly farmed in Scandinavia, the popularity of fox fur depends on fashion trends, being again extremely fashionable nowadays. You may find it in its natural color, or dyed in bright hues. The fur is fluffy and wears well, even if it requires regular cleaning.


Looking for the most expensive fur in the world? Look no further than sable! The Russian variety is the most prized among fur connoisseurs (in czarist times sable was only sold to royalty), boasting unique softness and silkiness and being incredible lightweight. The finest sable has silvery-tipped guard hair, while Canadian sable (golden or brown) is less expensive. It is as warm and light as it is expensive.

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