White Fox Fur

June 27, 2015
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Marilyn Monroe’s Personal White Fox Furs

A set of matching white fox fur accessories, previously fastened to various clothing items, including the collar of a white jacket and the sleeves of a white, full-length evening dress coat. When it came to the premiere, the grand party or the big event, Marilyn had a sure sense of her own image, and dressed as she believed a film star should. This meant long white kid gloves, waterfall earrings of rhinestone and pearls, and the ultimate allure of white or black fur. Furs were for evening and for being a star.


The 1953 Premiere of “The 5, 000 Fingers Of Dr. T.”

Marilyn attended the premier of the film, which starred Tommy Rettig, who was also Marilyn’s young costar in “River Of No Return.” These white fox fur accessories were attached to the sleeves of Marilyn’s white evening coat.

With Joe DiMaggio: Marilyn wore the same evening coat with white fox fur accessories attached while with Joe DiMaggio and New York columnist Walter Winchell.

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Alpha (White Kirby) Vs. Dark Xex (Fox)
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Joan Collins in White Fox
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