Black Faux Fur Rugs

October 30, 2014

Above: Photo courtesy of Decoholic Interior Design.

It’s time to decide which animal to adopt for winter’s must-have decor trend: Lynx? Rabbit? Chinchilla?

If you’ve walked into a store or looked at an online site, you can’t avoid the beauty and coziness that is faux fur. It’s the perfect time to add a touch of wild warmth to your home (and no animals were harmed in the making).

Faux fur has been around for the last five years, mainly in fashion, as vests, coat linings, hats, or trims on handbags and boots. This season the look has definitely jumped the fence and is the dominant scene-stealer from living room rugs to light fixtures. Faux fur these days is softer, some of it is washable and the patterns are more realistic. Whether it’s a lynx-like bedspread or a sumptuous mink throw, it’s the look of the moment. Anything faux fur, from pillows, fluffy stools and holiday stockings are front and center on every blog post, in catalogs and showroom floors.

The good news: Faux fur has come a long way. It’s more realistic, softer and easier to care for than ever before. These furry friends add a luxe, warm, exotic touch to any decorating style.

Consider the options and how they can work.

For the fur phobic

Try a luxe, oversized throw on a chair or sofa. It’s a nod to the look without a huge commitment. If you love neutrals, go for gray, beige or brown fur without an obvious pattern.

For the modernist

It’s black or white. Put down a white faux fur rug, a dark gray or black bed blanket, or a fur topped stool to the mix. It’s a luxe modernist look that won’t overpower a white or clean midcentury decorating scheme.

For the young ones

Check out the faux fur sleeping bags, fluffy stools and beanbag chairs that up the fun factor in any child or teen’s room (or playroom/hangout space). It’s also a great way for kids to love animals and a lesson in explaining why faux is an acceptable choice.

For the fur forever decorator

Layer different furs in the same color wave, from pillows to throws to light fixtures. Rugs, chairs draped with throws, table runners and wall hangings can combine without animal overload. Of course, you’ll want a matching robe, slippers and hat to complete that everything-is-better-in-fur feel.

The care and feeding of your furry friends

Faux fur decor is easier to keep clean than ever before. Always check the tags on pieces to see what the manufacturer recommends for cleaning. Many furs can be machine washed on gentle with cold water and dried on low heat. Some are supposed to be air dried. There are many dry-clean only tags too. Follow the directions and your fluffy accessory will be around for years, suitable for many seasons to come.

DIY and sewing options

If you sew or a DIYer, there are myriad tutorials online for making accessories. Here’s one no-sew lesson for revamping a stool.

Check out these gorgeous examples of faux fur decor, from bedrooms to holiday accessories.

Courtesy of white-c-rystal-castle

Courtesy of This Silly Girls Life

Courtesy of Decoholic Interior Design

Courtesy of Thoughts From Alice

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Courtesy of RH Baby and Child

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Intraux to Faux Fur - the Basics
Intraux to Faux Fur - the Basics
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