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September 24, 2014
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Black biker leather jacket by Haru/YesStyle

"Look Cool and Chic This Season with a Leather Jacket"

A womens leather jacket adds an instant edge to any outfit - yes, even the cutest frilly ruffle dress. You don't have to be a biker, rock star, punk, goth, or metal head to wear leather jackets. They're essential for anyone who wants to inject a chic twist to their style - and an indispensable for chic fashionistas!

Courtesy of Haru/Yes Style

A leather jacket is considered a wardrobe essential because of its versatility yet ability to turn any outfit into a stylish juxtaposition. Wear it to offset the cuteness in ruffles and pink - and transform the ensemble into something super-cool and up-to-date. And of course, a discreet blend of naughty and nice :-)

You can find womens leather jackets in a variety of styles and colors. Some of my favorites are the cropped and studded leather jacket. And oh, anything that looks a little bit distressed (think vintage) really tickles my taste.

If this is your first time buying a leather jacket, then read along and learn how to select the best jacket style that flatters your body figure.

Expect to pay atleast $150 for leather quality

Ashley Olsen via celebutopia

Buying a leather jacket should be looked as a luxe investment- so stretch your budget by going for real high-quality leather - in this way you'll know that it'll last for many years.

Ashley Olsen wearing leather jacket Faux leather is a great option if you're on a tight budget.

Most faux leather has a plastic feel to it but technology is continuously improving the fake leather making process - making the faux leather last as long as real leather.

The more expensive faux leathers you see on the rack have in general better quality than the 20 or 30 bucks options.

Make your first and most expensive leather jacket a neutral

Dark such as black, chocolate brown, tan and camel/beige go with any color combination - and are the best color choices if you want your jacket to be flexible with the rest of your outfits.

Another factor to a versatile jacket style is the length. Anything that hits around the hipbone - slightly above or a bit below (above the butt) - are neutral lengths which won't look outdated (it's neither too 1999 Matrix'ish or trendy like the cropped ones).

If your body shape requires you to wear longer jackets opt for below the hipbone-length or simply adjust the top underneath it. A long top helps.

To help you look your best, you need to make a few adjustments in your choice of jacket style.

Your goal should be to balance out your body. We both know that if you have wide hips or shoulders you need a cut that "fills out" where width is missing in order to look proportional.

White womens leather jacket A general rule of thumb is: If you want to highlight your upper body to draw away attention from your bottom then look for a leather jacket that has interest and details such as a lighter shade of brown, shinier texture (but don't go too shiny!), studs, zipper, buttons and so son. However if you want to downplay your upper body and let your curves take the center-stage then opt for something plain and simple like a black matte leather with minimal embellishments.

Here are a couple of other guidelines:

  • Womens Leather Jacket
    via Urban Outfitters

    For women with prominent bottom (wide and curvy hips, thighs and butt, a so called )

    A cropped or short leather jacket will flatter your body shape. Avoid hip-length hemlines as they'll highlight your curves (well, unless you want to accentuate your bootylicious features).

    If that's not an option for you work on the wearing the right top along with using accessories to draw the eye wherever you want them to.

    For women with a wider/heavier upper body (an with wide shoulder or an with full mid-section)

    Shorter hemmed jackets can be a little for you because you need to create curves at the bottom to balance out your prominent upper body and most leather jackets taper. However my tip is to opt for a hip-length leather jacket or opt for something shorter and just work on the top (long long) and the bottom (jeans with faded wash on the thighs)

    If you have a straight figure (I call it a )

    The more details thus better. This will create dimensions on your frame. Opt for details such as zippers, buckles and studs (not necessarily all together!).

    Shortcut banner to Womens Jackets shopping and styling tipsIf you're an

    This is considered the most ideal body shape and many styles seem to flatter it. It's really up to you on what you want to minimize and accentuate. If you want to look overall slim then black and dark brown womens leather jackets with strong vertical details such as a zipper will do well.

    I'm an Hourglass shape myself and love wearing a shorter style to show off my curves. Not so into the leather coat-style so if I need to layer up I just work on the top and bottom. Wearing a similar bottom color as the jacket helps streamline my body silhouette, making me taller and leaner, but showing off my hips at the same time.

How to Wear a Leather Jacket

There are several ways to wear it. In fact it can be worn with anything, from long maxi dresses to mini shorts. Take a look at my suggestions:

Lauren Conrad via Fame Pictures

With shorts:

For a fresh and chic outfit, pair your jacket with denim shorts (distressed ones are cool) and a long tee. For Fall/Winter months, layer the shorts with opaque tights and a knit sweater.

With a dress:

It looks great a with a fitted short party dress as well as with a floor-length maxi dress, think grecian goddess mixed with a little edge! (I would personally go for a boho pattern dress).

It also works beautifully with feminine dresses (like ruffles, tiers, floral print) to offset the "too cute" look. Trés chic!

With slacks:

My favorite look! A pair of chinos in either beige or black look unbelievably good with a leather jacket. However you might want to feminize the outfit with jewelry, a nice scarf and a pair of flat pumps.

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