Faux Fur Wedding Coat

May 28, 2016

vintage winter bride wears chic fur jacketThe December/January bride can create a real winter wonderland around her wedding. This is why I really love winterizing my clients. Especially those going into sub-zero temps where coats, wraps, stoles, hats, muffs and jackets are definitely in the picture.

Winter brings tons of opportunities for going chic to the nines. Did you know adding a jacket or needed accessory like long gloves can amp up the look of your wedding dress? Any additions you use to keep warm are great candidates for reuse after the wedding too!

A few words about fur since it's one of the best conductors for keeping the chill off: You'll add elegance to the overall look you're creating when you do add fur (real, friendly or faux). Just in case you're wondering, friendly furs come to us by way of feathers (birds) and lamb fur that's shorn off the animal every summer so the creature won't die of sweat.

amyosaba blog awm savannah 04Still, for me, there's nothing like real white mink or fox. If you feel the same way I do but are eco-conscious, try to find a real vintage fur piece or coat in the fur you like. As for faux furs, they're getting better every year. Some you have to admit look like real fakes-others like the faux fur loop scarves trending now with all the big retailers look like the real deal!

The Shrug

Shrugs and boleros are great for keeping warm while not interfering with the design lines of your dress. These little pieces are also great for changing your look by putting on/taking off.atelier aimee wedding shrugs Defined, a bolero or shrug is something like a vest with sleeves or shorter jacket that crops above the waistline, perfect for jazzing up, adding some character and transforming your ensemble.

The Jacket

Jackets come in different lengths from waistline styles to 3/4 length. If you want to keep the chill off the upper part of your body while still showing off a great skirt-a jacket just might be your best bet. Also fab for post wedding wear-any of these gems would rock a nice pair of pants or jeans...

The Stole

A stole can be very brief and wrap the upper shoulders into a tight clasp or drape around the entire body falling almost to the ground. Here you can see how diverse and varied stole styles can be.

The Coat

The beauty of the bridal coat is it can be worn street or floor length and have a built in hood for warmth. It can be single or double-breasted, match the dress as in the same fabric and trim or be a whole individual piece of it's own. Bridal coat fabrics can go glimmery especially if your planning an evening ceremony. Wool blends and wool with attached fur go with just about any dress or headpiece day or night.

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