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October 30, 2016
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Assassin's Creed RogueContinue your journey with Prima's Assassin's Creed Rogue eGuide.

Similar to Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Rogue comes with a variety of critters to hunt on land and sea. You’re free to kill the deadliest game for sport, but slaughtering these animals ties into the game’s crafting system. Where do you find polar bears, and most importantly, how do you kill them? We’ll tell you how to track down each of AC Rogue’s creatures.

Black Bear

Where to find it: lle Des Pins, Otetiani, St. Nicolas

Unlike some of the weaker animals in AC Rogue, a black bear does not run away from humans and is somewhat dangerous. We strongly advise hitting one from range or attempting a quick-time mini-game up close.

Arctic Fox

Where to find it: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Miramichi

These guys are fast and almost impossible to catch if they’re aware of Shay’s presence. Go with a ranged weapon, or if you have time to waste, hide in a bush and wait for one to walk past.

Arctic Wolf

Where to find it: Gros Morne, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte, Terra Nova

Like the black bear, arctic wolves stay and fight, though they won’t do too much damge. You should have little trouble completing the quicktime mini-game to kill one, and you can always strike them from a distance if you don’t want to get your hands dirty.

Arctic Hare

Where to find it: Burgeo, Harbour Deep, Havre-Saint-Pierre, Lewisporte

After wrestling with sharks and killer whales, the innocent rabbit will be a relief. You’ll have no trouble killing these little guys by the ton. Chase after and try to force them towards a tree or cliff.


Where to find it: Glace Bay, Grand-Entree, Nerepis, Yarmouth

If you want no hunting challenge whatsoever, kill beavers. Not only are they slow, they don’t fight back. Thankfully you can buy their pelts on your ship if you feel like a monster blowing one’s brains out.

Black Wolf

Where to find it: Or-du-Nord

Without question one of the rarest animals in AC Rogue. Their parts are too expensive on the open market, so pay a special visit to Or-du-Nord and seek them out.


Where to find it: Numerous locations

You can chase after these fast-running and non-lethal creatures in the hope of leading them to a wall or cliff. We prefer to kill them from a good distance away.

Canadian Lynx

Where to find it: Grand-Entree, Le Chameau, Nerepis

Although they don’t pose too much of a threat, the highly aggresive Lynx will jump onto Shay, forcing you into a mini-game.

Eastern Elk

Where to find it: Sept-lles, Ash Creek, Coeur-de-l’hiver, Greystone, Red Bank, Riviere Aurifere

Whereas deer prance away when you get close, Eastern Elk fight for their lives. You’ll need to complete a mini-game when battling one up close, so unless you have fast fingers, go for a ranged kill.

Don’t let an Eastern Elk out of your sight. They’re tough to track down and their pelts are rather pricey.


Where to find it: Albany, Dekanawida, Mount Vernon, Ruisseau du Renard.

Foxes are nimble, so try and box them into a tight area with few means of escape. On second thought, go with a ranged weapon.

Gray Wolf

Where to find it: Old Growth Forest, Sleepy Hollow, Twin Snake Path, Two Bends, Vallee Verte.

Get close to a Gray Wolf and it will defend its territory. Shoot these creatures or attack from behind, which results in a one-hit kill.

Polar Bear

Where to find it: Fogo, HMS shipwreck, the Sapphire.

Equip pistols and unleash hell on a polar bear. Otherwise it’s mini-game central, and you’ll have to press several buttons to kill and then slay the creature. Fail and Shay will be in a world of hurt.


Where to find it: North Atlantic, southwestern side.

Look for these meat eaters at the bottom portion of the AC Rogue map. They’re easy to kill providing you upgrade the harpoon. Go for the death blow when the shark reaches the surface.

White Whale

Where to find it: North Atlantic, western side or southeastern corner.

Should you discover one of these whales, pull out the harpoon and get ready for a fight. The white whale is aggressive and has a lot of health, but you should be able to kill one provided you follow and repeat this process.

  • Harpoon the whale.
  • Take your time with the harpoon. Well-aimed throws deal the most damage.
  • Prepare to avoid taking damage or losing rope.
  • Get ready for the next throw and hit the whale when it resurfaces.


Where to find it: Numerous locations.

Finally, a tiny animal Shay can outrun! Chase after these buggers and knock them silly with melee attacks.

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