Black Coat with Fur Collar and cuffs

August 31, 2017
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I love a good refashion.

I’ve refashioned shirts, and accessories. And with the Winter months coming, I thought it would be fun to try some Coat Refashions!!

We all have a coat that we’ve had for years. It’s good quality, and keep us warm, but it might be a little on the blah side or a little outdated. Instead of giving it to the thrift store and spending money on a new jacket, why not try updating your old coat?? Or, find an old coat at a second-hand store and refashion it — save yourself mucho $$$.

Wednesday I went on my local morning show Studio 5 and shared my coat refashions. It was so much fun! I also shared the tutorial on how to make a Detachable Faux Fur Collar.{ I am having a bit of a crush on faux leather and fur right now. I bought mine at Joann’s and I was surprised at how affordable it is! Plus, it’s so soft. It was regularly $8 per yard and was 50% off the week I bought it — so $4!! And I can seriously make 8-10 collars out of a yard of material.}

I also was really lucky to have a couple FB friends bring over their coats for me to refashion. It was so much fun!

So instead of donating that old coat, keep it and update it. Here are 14 easy Ways to Update Your Old Coat:

1. Add a little ribbon or lace to the bottom, sleeves, or up the front of the coat.

2. Shorten the sleeves. A 3/4 sleeve lets a pop of color come through from your sweater or shirt underneath and add so much interest.

3. Add a Faux Fur or fabric collar. Bring in some texture or color with a different collar that you sew right over the existing one!

4. Change out the buttons. New buttons can really update the look of a jacket. Add some brightly colored ones, or even some sparkly ones to dress up your garment.

5. Add embroidery trim to the bottom or sleeves. Pom poms can add some whimsy to your coat, or even a nice fringe.

6. Add a belt. A belt will give your silhouette a nice fitted look. Go for a leather one, or a thick stretchy belt will accommodate even the bulkiest jackets.

7. Make a brooch or pin and add it to your lapel. This is a way that you don’t have to alter the existing garment at all, yet it will add a pop of color and bling to your jacket.

8.Shorten a long coat. If you have a long, outdated coat, shorten it to hit or even waist level and it will transform your jacket!

9. Add a fur or fabric cuff to your jacket. If you have a jacket that is a little worn at the end of the sleeves, cover that up with a fauz fur cuff. You can buy faux fur at your local craft store and line it with satin. then stitch it on top of those worn cuffs.

Pearl - black & white kitty up for adoption
Pearl - black & white kitty up for adoption
Minimal Effort: A Black & White NYE
Minimal Effort: A Black & White NYE
Fur Coat - U Turn (Kaleidoscope Version)
Fur Coat - U Turn (Kaleidoscope Version)
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