Reversible Fur Jacket

July 12, 2017
J. mendel Zip-front Reversible

There will come a time when your old fur coat will not look as show-stopping as it once did. As fashions cycle and trends change, your fur may no longer be in style. It may not fit as well as it used to or you might be tired of the way it looks. If you are no longer enjoying your coat or jacket and are not ready to invest in a new one, restyling is a great option. Although you always have the option of selling fur coats, keep in mind that your fur can be reworked into a new style that fits your current figure and lifestyle. Restyling is also a great choice for inherited furs that don’t work as they are.

Fur coat and jacket restyling Restyle options include:

  • Shearing to make your fur more casual
  • Relining to make your fur fresh
  • Making your fur reversible to a water resistant rain coat
  • Updating the style to something more fashionable/classic and wearable (a great option for siblings who want to wear their mother’s old coat is to make two vests out of it!)
  • Making your fur into a throw/small blanket

Come in with your fur or contact us for a free consultation and estimate. We have lots of restyle samples for you to try on which takes the guess-work out of the process.

Things to keep in mind if you are thinking about restyling:

  1. Restyling is fun! We will help you choose a style that looks best on you and that you will wear the most, help you decide whether the fur should be sheared and reversible, whether we should add fur, cashmere or leather, and so on. Then we can help you choose a lining (solid or patterned) and a monogram (style and color). We will customize every detail to suit you. See? We told you it would be fun!
  2. If your old fur has a monogram that you would like to keep, we will gladly put it in the lining of your new coat, jacket or vest and put your new monogram below making a “family tree”. If your garment is reversible, the monogram will go in the pocket.
  3. The ideal season to have your fur restyled is summer. That gives the furrier enough time to work on your fur so you can start enjoying it the first cold day in the fall.
  4. Once your coat has been restyled, it will fit so well and be so comfortable that you will want to wear it all the time. We will turn something that just hung in the closet into something you use every day.
Brown Sheared Mink Jacket and Rex Rabbit Trim Reversible
Brown Sheared Mink Jacket and Rex Rabbit Trim Reversible ...
Beautiful RED reversible FUR jacket
Beautiful RED reversible FUR jacket
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