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White Faux Fur Hats

July 12, 2015
Long Hair Pure White Faux Fur

nailedI like to think I am a girl of moderate intelligence. You know, the kind of girl who can follow a recipe and end up with food that’s moderately edible.

Turns out I’m the opposite kind of girl.

I don’t know what’s going on, guys, but it’s been one pinterest-recipe-fail after another lately. I’d totally throw in the proverbial towel and give up on cooking food altogether if I didn’t absolutely adore my baby girl’s chubby thighs. I have to keep feeding the chub, so I keep trying.

You guys, I don’t know what it is about the “nailed it” pinterest fail memes that make me fall all over myself in fits of tears and giggles. It’s just not even ladylike.

My point is, I know pinterest isn’t 100% trustworthy. And if I’d seen this project on pinterest, I would’ve given it the skeptical side-eye. There’s just no way you can make a rug and have it actually function well in real life, right?

Nay, my friends. You CAN.DIY flokati rug tutorial! This is brilliant! Erin and I totally surprised ourselves at how well it turned out and how well it functions in real life, with her whole family actually walking on it and using it.

Step 2: Velcro

Lay the fur face-down on the floor, lay the underlay on top and get them perfectly lined up. The underlay is anti-slip so it’ll stay in place pretty well while you work. Now fold back a corner of the underlay and hot glue the velcro strips in the corner.
Then put hot glue on the other half of the velcro, and lay the underlay back onto the fabric so the velcro gets glued to the fabric.

Step 3: Be amazed

Here’s what’s so awesome about the fact that you just used velcro: in the future, you can remove the fur from the underlay and wash the fur. In your washing machine!

If you’re feeling adventurous and know you want to keep this rug around for a while (or wash it a lot), you can sew the velcro in place instead of using hot glue. But Erin actually just set the rug underlay on the ground, put the fabric on top of it, and didn’t connect them at all for a long time – until I had a chance to come over and put it together with her – and it actually worked pretty amazingly without being velcroed (velcro’d?) at all. The underlay is anti-slip so it holds the fabric in place and adds extra cushion even if you don’t use the velcro.

Lay out the rug underlay and the faux fur fabric and cut them to the same size. (In our case, 5×7 feet.)To make a larger size…

The long pile on the fur fabric hides a multitude of sins. It’d make it really easy to hide a seam, so you could sew two 64″ strips of faux fur together and make an 8×10 rug (or larger!) relatively easily.

Also? It’s cheap.

Rug underlay: $9.99
Fabric (3 yards + shipping): ~$60 (The price of the fabric changes every time I check!)

So it’ll cost you about $70 for a 5×7 rug, which is about half the price of most flokati, sheepskin or faux fur rugs Erin and I found while we were shopping, and the store-bought rugs won’t fit in your washing machine.

Have you ever had a pinterest project fail on you? Ever made your own rug?
This is genius! How to make a faux fur rug! DIY shag rug tutorial! I’m still kinda freaked-out-in-awe of how well this guy functions. It doesn’t look or feel DIY,  which unlike some other DIY attempts. DIY faux fur rug! This is so fabulous,  easy and inexpensive!

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