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December 18, 2015
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Brown parkas winter jacket by Calvin Klein

"Look Chic this Fall & Winter with the Perfect Coat"

A couple of womens winter coats are a necessity for the time lying ahead of us. The dreaded cold winter months are around the corner and you're in a serious need for a stylish, warm yet comfy coat that will protect you from the nasty cold weather!

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If you want to keep your winter-style fun and varied then you need at least 2-3 wool coats cover your needs and major daily activities.

Going to school or work but don't have time to layer with a scarf? Then put on a high collar wool coat. Want to look feminine and classy for a date? Then a belted black trench coat is your best option. Taking a trip to the movies with your friends? A pea coat will cutify your look!

But before you start shopping, here are a couple tips to help you get started:

Make your first coat purchase a neutral

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Secure classic womens winter coats in a neutral colors such as black, brown, cream as they'll blend well with all of your outfit combinations.

Like for example: Plaid print screams for attention and requires you to wear simple clothes to avoid overdoing the look. However basic colors act as a neutral that go with everything.

If you've already covered the neutrals then update your coat closet with classic Fall colors like red, deep purple and dark blues. Deep greens are also chic.

Also make sure that the coat you're going to be wearing the most frequently is minimal on details to maintain its versatility.

Look for quality fabric

Most womens winter coats made of wool blends and tweed have an extra durability so that you can wear them for years to come. Silk and cashmere mix is acceptable as well.

The great thing about wool is that compared to other fabrics it works as an insulator, keeping you warm at all times. The downside is that if it gets really wet then it will take a long time to dry. So if you live in a wet climate then you should look for water-resistant coats.

Go for knee and thigh length

You might have heard this before but I'm saying it again. Knee to thigh length coats are versatile and look good on all body shapes. Avoid letting the hem hit your calves as it automatically shortens your frame and make your legs look stubby (not in a good way). A must-follow for petites and/or if you have full legs

Select a coat that flatters your body shape

This helps balance out your body figure so that you'll always look your best.

Here are some basic guidelines on how it works:

  • and body shape (heavy or wide upper body) look good in A-line coats or anything that flares out at the hemline. Stay away from heavy details on top (eg. double-breast with contrasting buttons) to avoid looking heavier
  • (body shape with wide hips and butt) look best in coats that are details-rich on top to distract the eye from your curves. Think wide collars and shoulder flaps.
  • body shape (little to no waist definition) look best in coats that flare at the bottom and have details on top to add dimensions to your straight frame.
  • body shape is quite an ideal and proportional figure. I would personally define your womanly waist with a belted coat. If you're not too happy about your curves then you can never go wrong with a black A-line coat. The extra flare automatically skims over the hips.

After securing a couple of basic yet timeless coats, you're free to choose other designs that tickle your taste and style!

Shop Womens Winter Coats Online

There are 5 timeless winter coats for women that will never go out of style. I recommend you to consider buying your coats in one or more of these styles to maintain a functional and flexible closet.
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