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Used Faux Fur Coats for Sale

August 28, 2014
Women s Faux Fur Coat?

Your Guide to Buying a Fake Fur CoatThere are many reasons to prefer a fake fur coat over a real one. Faux furs are easier to care for. They weigh less, so they’re easier to wear. No animals are killed in their production, so you can wear a coat that mimics the appearance of any fur you like. For most of us, the biggest reason to choose a faux fur is cost: a fake fur coat can cost as little as 10 percent what the same design would cost in real pelts.

Fake furs have come a long way, offering women imitations of their most-desired winter coats that can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. For women seeking fabulous fur coats that really are fakes, here is an outline of what is available in the marketplace, from design options to "fur" choices, plus some details on how to purchase a fake fur coat.

Design Choices

The range of styles available today is truly exceptional, perhaps in part because high quality fake fur has given designers a "go ahead" to create in tune with contemporary fashion that the conservative buyers of real fur rarely allowed.

Coats vs. Vests

The long fur vest is still running strong in the fashion market and is a good casual choice. Coats also offer excellent casual options, including shorter lengths and some fake furs that are typically considered less dressy, such as rabbit and tanuki, which is today’s equivalent of the traditional raccoon coat.

Fur Outside vs. Fur-Lined

Women seeking a fur coat often want to enjoy the visual drama that the fur creates. A cloth coat with a fur lining creates a cozy comfort which has its own value.

Available Lengths

Fur coat lengths are traditionally described with a language of their own.

  • A coat reaches to approximately ankle length.

Not every person buying and selling faux fur coats uses the traditional language. Online marketplaces, in particular, are likely to load descriptions with multiple words to draw potential buyers. Because of this, be sure to confirm that the coat is the length you want.

Style Options

One of the great benefits of buying a faux fur coat is that you can afford to start with a fashionable style while ladies who own real furs are agonizing about whether to have their coats recut into a comparable look. Fur wardrobe items available now include:

  • Classic cuts at any length
  • Updated ruched designs at any length
  • Cascade cut coats
  • Anoraks
  • Asymmetric cut jackets

Many of these designs may be found made with one fur and trimmed with another for a particularly elegant appearance. Using fake fox fur as a collar on a coat of a different fur is one frequent combination.

Assembly Method

When looking for a faux fur that will fool everyone, look for a faux fur that is assembled with the same kind of pockets and closures as classic fur coats. A real fur coat typically has no more than one button, a designer button, at the collar. The remaining closures are hook-and-loop. The pockets are slash pockets, because this way of assembling the pockets allows them to be fit between pelts or pelt sections.

If fooling friends isn’t of concern, then contemporary closures and pockets will be equally satisfactory.

Choices of "Furs"

When choosing a faux fur coat, options include both the length of the fur and its color. Here is a quick overview of some of the more popular fake furs that imitate natural furs:





Black mink

The "blackglama" mink coat women have coveted since the 1950s.

Black sheared beaver

Beaver is one of the most desired pelts globally. Although sheared to a uniform length, this is still a generous fur.

Black Mongolian lamb

Very long, free flowing strands.

Black Persian lamb

Tight curls, very sweet.

Dark Brown


The fur of royalty, deep and thick.

Mahogany mink

The mink coat every sitcom mama wanted. In faux mink coats, a vertical "ripple" effect simulates the effect of multiple pelts stitched together.

Red Brown

Red fox

A vertical "ripple" effect simulates the effect of multiple pelts stitched together in faux fox furs.


Golden fox

In faux fox furs, a vertical "ripple" effect simulates the effect of multiple pelts stitched together.

Blonde mink

A vertical "ripple" effect simulates the effect of multiple pelts stitched together in faux mink coats.


Wearing coyote is a new trend and may be connected with efforts to clear cattle ranges of this predator.


Winter white mink and Ivory mink

Mink change color seasonally to camouflage themselves in snowy climates, which provides the winter white and ivory mink colors in real furs, appropriately imitated in fake mink coats.

Norwegian fox (white)

Likewise, the white coloring for Norwegian fox fur is its winter coloration.

Ivory shearling

Although not always treated as a fur, a quality shearling product retains a layer of lambswool and so is similar to a fur. Shearling sometimes appears among fake fur offerings.

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