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Winter Fur Coats for Women : Fur World

Winter Fur Coats for Women

June 24, 2015
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Keep up with the latest fur coats trends.Just like all of the other fashions, fur fashion can change every season. With winter approaching and the weather growing colder, furriers are bringing out the latest winter fur coats to share them with their customers. Before you head out to check out the latest in real fur coats, make sure you understand all the latest trends so you can make the best possible choice to keep you fashionable and warm this winter.

Cropped Jackets

One of the most popular options in the world of fur fashion is the cropped jackets. These shorter jackets are perfect for the spring or fall just about anywhere in the United States, as well as during the winter months in the warmer areas of the country. They are available in a number of colors and fur types to give you the options you’re looking for. Many of the top designers in the fashion industry have created beautiful furs in this cropped, boxy design that has rapidly increased in popularity for the winter of 2015-2016.

Floor Length Coats

The floor length fur coats have quickly made a comeback, giving individuals back the sense of luxury for which winter fur coats were once known. However, these real fur coats are now more affordable than ever and can be worn by just about anyone. These coats can come in just about any fur type, but it’s important to realize certain furs can be more expensive than others. For instance, a floor length mink fur coat will cost much more than a typical fox fur coat of the same length. Before you shop, be sure you set a budget and know what color you are looking for to give you the best chance of finding the perfect winter fur coat.

Fur Capes

A full fur coat isn’t the only option people are choosing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. A fur cape can be a great addition to your wardrobe when it’s not quite cold enough to wrap yourself up in a full fur coat, but you don’t want to leave the house without your furs. The fur cape can help keep out the elements, while still offering a fun look that goes well with just about any outfit. Not only are these capes made from many of the most popular types of furs, but they also come in a number of colors and styles to best fit in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Bright Colors

While many people prefer the natural colors in which furs come, such as white, gray, shades of brown and black, there are others who prefer dyed fur coats because of their ability to blend in with any outfit. Today’s society praises those who stand out and buying a winter fur coat in a bright jewel tone color is the perfect way to achieve that goal. You will get the same incredible warmth you’ve come to expect from real furs without having to settle for a synthetic material.

Fur Embellishments

A full fur coat isn’t the right option for everyone. That’s why runways today are showcasing beautiful coats that make use of fur, particularly along the collars and cuffs, without overwhelming the body in a fur. For some people, a real fur coat is too bulky and doesn’t provide the exact look they want. For these individuals, choosing a leather coat that’s embellished with real fur is the perfect alternative.

Fur fashion is constantly changing, just like every other aspect of the fur industry. With the new fur season rapidly approaching, it’s time to evaluate the different styles and select one that best fits your personality, your wardrobe and your intended uses. Before you start working with an experienced furrier to choose the perfect coat to add to your collection or to start one, make sure you are aware of the newest trends so you can pick a coat that will stand the test of time.

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