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Animal Faux Fur Coat

January 3, 2017
Anna sui Faux Fur Coat in

Enjoy the Last Weeks of Winter with Late Winter Fur!The shows of New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 have ended, which means that spring fashion is (thankfully) around the corner. Those of us that have been shivering in layer upon layer for the past four months will be welcoming a reprieve soon enough. But before spring cleaning our closets, we do have time for a few final romps with one of our favorite fabrics: fur. Whether you go faux or opt for the real thing, late winter fur is a great way to celebrate the luxe nature of winter fashion before ushering in a lighter wardrobe for spring.

What better way to kiss winter good-bye than with the softest cloud of winter white fur? The shape and texture of fur coats have come a long way since your grandmother’s mink. Designers like Helmut Lang keep fur fresh and modern with voluminous silhouettes, cropped lengths, and unique textures. Lang also trotted out some of the purest fur whites in the Fall 2014 collection, a look we wanted to duplicate with a simple, ladylike style for day. The Light In The Box Coat in Faux Fur nailed the snow-white look we were aiming for with an equally chic collar and belted silhouette.

If you’re more “Black Swan” than white, an equally elegant look for late winter fur is dark hues. The undisputed master of fur fashion, Dennis Basso, showed an eclectic mix of colors and prints in his Fall/Winter 2014 collection. One of the standout looks was a black and gray striped chinchilla that we couldn’t get out of our heads. For a suitable alternative, we found an Ombre Faux Fur from Gallery. Boasting a similar black and gray tripe, subtle animal print, and over-sized collar, it’s the perfect no-nonsense outerwear staple.

Sometimes things are plainly in black and white: like one of the hottest trends in fur right now. The B+W fur coat trend is nothing new, though it’s constantly being reinvented by designers in their Fall/Winter collections. DKNY offered up a funky, youthful version of the late winter fur with a wide-lapel confection in black and white stripes. We loved the younger take on length in fur, and set out to find a similar option for every day. Chicnova came the closest to “imitating” the stylish look with its Imitated Fur Stripes Coat with a very satisfying price tag.

And if things aren’t so much black and white as gray in your book, the final trend in late winter fur that we explored is the perfect neutral ground to end on. Gray fur can range anywhere from gunmetal to silver and each option is equally chic and wearable. The feather-light texture in the gray fur pieces of Anna Sui‘s Fall/Winter 2014 collection were built for a movement and grace that we would love to replicate. After searching high and low, ASOS came through in the end with its Little White Lies Faux Fur Coat, a testament in the name to how graceful we really are!

Instead of counting down the remaining winter days, enjoy the rest of the cold weather season with these late winter furs, the perfect pieces to turn every day into your own winter runway!

1. White Fur Coat
Runway: Helmut Lang Fall 2014 RTW
Real Way: Light In The Box Coat Long Sleeve Faux Fur in White, now $74.99

2. Black and Gray Fur Coat
Runway: Dennis Basso Fall 2014 RTW
Real Way: Gallery Ombré Faux Fur Coat (Regular & Petite), Now $224.98

3. Black and White Fur Coat
Runway: DKNYFall 2014 RTW
Real Way: Chicnova Imitated Fur Stripes Coat, $59.20

4. Gray Fur Coat
Runway: Anna Sui Fall 2014 RTW

OOTD Faux Fur
OOTD Faux Fur
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Anna Sui Fall/Winter 2012 - NY Fashion Week - Runway Show
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