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November 27, 2015
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Accessorize everything with a real fur vest.Sometimes full fur coats aren’t the best option. In these situations, understanding the different types of fur coats can be useful in helping you find other ways to implement your furs into your wardrobe. Instead of a fur coat, for instance, you may want to consider wearing a real fur vest. Knowing how to wear real fur in a both casual and elegant ways will help you enhance any outfit and create the overall look you want without being too warm.

Over All Black

Dressing all in black isn’t just for funerals. If you want to create a classy, elegant feel with your fur vest, consider putting on an outfit that consists of only black underneath, including a black top and either black slacks or a skirt. On top of the black, pull on a light colored real fur vest over the whole ensemble so it stands apart. This will create the exact effect you’re looking for.

A Layered Look

You don’t have to rely on all black to create a layered look with real fur vests. In fact, you don’t even have to wear your fur vest directly over your clothing either. For instance, you may want to add a scarf underneath for a little extra warmth or perhaps even wear a thin jacket under the vest to create another look. The options are endless.

Go Street Casual

While most people think of elegance when they think of types of real fur coats, that isn’t necessary the case. In fact, more people are finding one of the best ways to wear real fur is in a casual manner. When you choose a real fur vest, you will find you can wear it with just about anything. Some people even choose to wear it with flannels and jeans. There is no longer a right and wrong way to wear your furs when it comes to fashion, especially fur vests.

With a Short Dress

Another great option for your real fur vest is to wear it with a short dress. Most people tend to wear furs with longer, more elegant dresses, but it can actually be a great choice for shorter dresses as well. This is especially true if you are looking for a more casual appearance. The good news is there are plenty of options in short dresses, allowing you to take your real fur vests from casual to elegant and back again.

Or Maybe a Long Maxi Dress

Long dresses aren’t always elegant either. One of the biggest trends in the dress market today is the maxi dress. These dresses are casual in nature and often designed for warmer weather, but you can extend their use by adding a fur vest over the top. This can create a fun new look for your favorite maxi dress and allow you to wear it even when the weather is a bit cooler in the fall or even earlier in the spring.

Leggings Are a Good Choice

Leggings are a popular trend today for many types of outfits. Because these accessories are largely casual, many people don’t consider wearing them with real fur coats or any other type of fur. This is because most people wear a casual shirt over them. Even a button down shirt looks casual when worn with leggings. Regardless of what top you choose to wear, layering a fur vest over it will help you complete the look.

Try an Elegant Suit

An elegant suit may seem to fit the bill for real furs, but it often isn’t something most people think about. However, when you drape a real fur vest over the top of one of these suits, you will create an effect that impresses. When you want to make a great first impression, this can be a great way to do it.

Learning how to wear real fur can be a challenge, especially if you are of the mindset real fur is meant for only elegant occasions. Today, more people are using other types of fur coats to create a more casual look as well. A real fur vest can be a great alternative so you can enjoy the beauty and warmth of fur without having to invest a lot of money in a full fur coat. These vests aren’t as warm, which make them the perfect option to wear during the cool weather of fall and spring, instead of the severe cold of winter.

How to Make a Fur Vest
How to Make a Fur Vest
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Fur Real | #OOTD
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Faux fur as soft as the real thing
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