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Vintage Faux Fur Coats UK

September 5, 2016
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fur 1My texture is the best fur, Chincilla ;)

This is the second faux-fur jacket I’ve ever owned. My first ever faux-fur jacket got chucked in the bin by the new tenant who took over my room when I moved houses two years ago. I had way too much stuff to move and I had left a few bags with the intention of coming right back for them the following day. I called to find out if it was okay if I come pick up my bag (to be fair I got super tied up ended up leaving it there for two weeks or so) and they were all like; “What bag?”

“Um, the bag WITH the fur coat WITH the tags still on plus some other random stuff…?”

“That was yours? We’ve chucked it in the bin sorry.” OOP.

No. NO. NO. NOOOO. NAWL! ‘Huh?’

“Thought it belonged to the landlord or something.”

Yeah, because he stunts out in fancy fur coats. “Oh dear. Have the bin people been in yet? Maybe you could retrieve it…” Grasping at hopeful straws here. Coat bloody set me back a good £115.

fur jacket blog 3“They have I’m afraid. I’m really sorry. To be fair I thought it was just a couple of old cushions or something.”

Say no more! Anything you say or do shall be used against you in a court of law… Clearly, not everyone has my fashion sense. But cushions :/ “Right.”

…Well you get it. That’s how I lost my first fur coat without even doing a fabulous strut in it. It’s grave has a place in my heart…

And then I laid eyes on this beauty. OH MY WORD. It was love at first stroke. Even though I spotted it online. It was out of stock so I ran to the shop immediately where there was this little cutie one left on the sale rack and I grabbed it and gave it a good hug.

It’s soft. It’s colour-blocked It’s fluffy. It fits. It’s cheap (knocked down from £95 to £40). It’s pastel. It’s got a badass leather belt. Everything I could have asked for.

fur jacket blog 13This is my favourite #WinterSale bargain. What’s yours?

Colour Block Faux Fur Coat – Warehouse

Badass Faux Leather Trousers With zips – Zara

Cabo Embellished 120MM Pumps – Christian Louboutin

Knightsbridge Black quilted Cross body bag – Marc B

Casual White T –

The only thing that matched this coat in terms of coolness in my closet were these dope ass leather pants I got from Zara. Boom! The outfit was busy enough so I paired both with this souvenir t-shirt I got from Mango in Barcelona last year ;) So looking forward to Summer!

Hahaha! ! was doing the MOST with this walk though. But you never know when you’re going to loose your coat, so GET IT!

Enjoy your weekend

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