Mink Fur Coats

April 13, 2017
13 things you need to buy from Primark this autumn...Look we know it’s a bit early to look at winter coats, but we want to (Picture: Primark)

Primark is a notorious fashion hot spot for new-season trends that don’t break the bank.

So, to save you aimlessly wandering around your local branch on a busy Saturday and getting rammed in the ankle by seven different buggies, we’ve rounded up the 13 key items to look out for.

And yep, in true Primark style, nothing is over £30. Huzzah.

1. Red coat with fur collar, £25

Last winter we were all over wearing our £10 ASOS fur stoles with every single cover-up in our wardrobes, so it makes sense that Primark would jump on that bandwagon with this statement piece. And because we don’t already own a red coat (who does?) we actually need to buy this one. Fact.

(Picture: Primark)

2. Printed trainers, £12

Unless you’ve been purposely avoiding anywhere within a 10-mile radius of Shoreditch, you’ll know that trainers are having a moment, and the brighter the better. You could pay £100 for Nike ID kicks, or you could just pay up £12 for these watercolour bad boys and put the rest in savings (spend on a mega fancy dinner with copious cocktails).

(Picture: Primark)

Fur collar crombie, -ú25_Ôé¼30, in store 14.9.14, Grade J, 385853. Pleated skirt, £12

We’re obsessed with this structured neon piece. Not only does it look like something we could buy at one of Primark’s higher-priced high street competitors this season, but it’s one of the only bright colours that’ll look just as good with bare legs and a golden tan as it will with a grey roll neck and tights. Dreamy.

(Picture: Primark)

4. Coin necklace, £1.50

You’ve been fearing it for months, and it’s finally happening, the statement necklace is falling from grace. In its place comes dainty chain necklaces with pendants. Layer up this cute, ridiculously cheap Primark one (seriously – £1.50?!) with longer styles to nail 2014’s jewellery trend.

5. Pink coat, £25

If you invested in a pink coat last season (that’ll be 92% of you then) you can ignore this one. Pastels aren’t going anywhere, with much of the high street still stocking K-Middy-style summer coats in twee pastel shades. This tailored cut is what makes this piece feel far pricier than its humble £25 tag.

(Picture: Primark)

6. Printed dress, £17

Erm, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this. SEVENTEEN POUNDS. Amazing. This high neck dress features a dainty paisly print that looks fit for a Russian princess. Definitely too good to keep locked away in your cupboard until party season. It’s out in late August, so you know, wear it as soon as you can get your hands on it, because it needs your summer tan ideally, no?

(Picture: Primark)

Printed trainer, -ú12_Ôé¼13, in store 6.8.14, Grade f, 7211577. Floppy hat, £8 (not as cheap because it’s made from wool, not plastic, obvs)

You know how when you wear a beanie hat in the winter it sometimes (all the times) makes you look like a youth with a criminal past gearing up to rob a bank? Yeah, well this chic floppy hat doesn’t do that. It also comes in black, and screams ‘minor part in Made In Chelsea’ rather than ‘I’m about to steal your handbag’.

(Picture: Primark)

8. Embroidered jumper, £14

OK, look, we know it’s a bit early to start looking at heavy knits, but come on, how cute is this? It looks like the sort of thing Mrs Weasley might knock up, and it’s basically like last year’s Christmas jumper trend, except you can wear it ALL YEAR ROUND. Except on the 5.6 days of the year when it’s too hot for a jumper in the UK.

(Picture: Primark)

9. Lime zip-up coat, £25

Everyone needs a coat that will distract from a disastrously dull outfit day, and this is it. It’s lime, which if you hadn’t already noticed is gaining quite the fan base at the moment, and it’s light, meaning that when you’re hungover and on the Tube you won’t feel seconds away from death. Yay.

(Picture: Primark)

10. Herringbone jumper, £12

Admit it, you need this, it’s not like you’ve already got a herringbone jumper is it? Yes, it looks quite a lot like something from All Saints, but also, it goes with everything. Literally everything. Is there a colour that doesn’t go with grey? No, no there isn’t. Team with everything from denim shorts if we have an Indian summer (we won’t) and with a white shirt and leather mini skirt when it’s cold (always).

(Picture: Primark)

11. Fur clutch, £8

Whether you like it or not, faux fur has invaded the accessory department for AW14. It’s a bit weird, yes, but it’s also pretty cool. Dabble in the trend with this fur panelled-clutch, just maybe don’t take it out to a bar with you, because you WILL spill your strawberry-flavoured cocktail all over it and make a horrible pink sticky mess.

(Picture: Primark)
Bonded pleat skirt, -ú12_Ôé¼14, in store 12.9.14, Grade C, 82353 Double coin necklace, -ú1.50_Ôé¼2, in store 12.7.14, Grade A, 78018 €30, in store 8.8.14, Grade N Slavo studded dress, £17€20, in store 22.10.14, Grade E
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