Vintage Fur Coats

October 16, 2015
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From using energy-saving light bulbs to recycling, we’re all wannabe eco warriors these days! But the fur trade latched onto this idea, touting “vintage” fur as an environmental choice to uninformed shoppers.

Here’s why second-hand furs are still a problem:

  1. Those who wear fur – whether new or second-hand – are promoting the torturing of animals and helping the flagging fur trade through acting as a walking advert for cruelty.
  2. The idea that vintage fur is more acceptable than new fur is simply not true. All “vintage” means is that the animals were killed long ago, but whether the animals were killed yesterday or 50 years ago, all fur sends the same unacceptable message – that it is OK to torture animals and rip the skin off animals’ backs in the name of fashion.
  3. It’s the year 2010 – we don’t need to dress like cave people. Go for faux furs instead. They’re hip and reflect the beauty of animals without killing them in violent ways.

We can’t take back the awful suffering that went into furs that were made many years ago, but we can prevent more animals from suffering the same fate by refusing to wear any fur, vintage or otherwise. Fur will always symbolise cruelty and cannot be peddled as anything else.

If you know someone with unwanted furs who wants to clean out their wardrobes and their conscience, the best thing that they can do is donate their fur coats to PETA. We’ll use them in our campaigning efforts.

Vintage Ranch (Black) Fur Mink Coat Sable Fur Collar
Vintage Ranch (Black) Fur Mink Coat Sable Fur Collar ...
Girl Tries On Fur Coat In Vintage Clothing Store Stock
Girl Tries On Fur Coat In Vintage Clothing Store Stock ...
Vintage Coats of Monkey Fur
Vintage Coats of Monkey Fur
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