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Russia Military Fur Hat

November 11, 2014
Russian Military Fur Hat

About Ushanka Hats

Of all the symbols of Russian apparel, none is more prominent than the . Instantly recognizable, this extremely comfortable and warm hat has become a fashion icon as of late. When most people think of Russia, the classic ushanka style hat is one of the first things that comes to mind…

Whether the weather is chilly, or you just want to look good, the ushanka is the way to go. Seen on servicemen and women, mail carriers, police officers, and any profession that’s out in the cold a lot, if it’s good enough to meet their needs, it will certainly meet yours.

The Russian word “ushanka” literally translates into English as “ear hat”. This style of hat has been around for many years to get people through the harsh Russian winters. In fact, people in the northern regions of eastern Europe also wore similar hats dating all the way back to the 1600’s. Before this people wore fur hats of course, but the classic ushanka design that we all know today started appearing in art around the 1600’s in Russia and in Germany. During the Russian Civil War of 1918, soldiers wore ushankas to protect them from the cold, and later the Red Army also issued ushankas to all of their field personnel. This style of hat has a long and colorful history in Russia.

The rest of the world quickly caught on and the ushanka has made its way into standard winter uniforms around the world including here in the USA. Today the ushanka is no longer standard issue for the Russian military. Instead, the ushanka has solidified its place in history and is now being embraced by a new generation of people who have come to appreciate this hat’s practicality and appearance. Now people all over the world are wearing ushankas as a fashionable way to keep warm when the snow starts to fly.

Caring for your Russian Fur Hat

  • Allow your garment proper space in your closet. Never keep your fur in a plastic bag. Plastic may be used for transporting your fur on a limited basis.
  • Your fur requires proper air circulation; the smell of both moth balls and cedar balls often adheres to fur and create unpleasant odors.
  • Proper conditioning will remove most odors. Do not sit too long on your fur garment, as this may lead to crushing of the fur.
  • Refrain from excessive use of shoulder straps while wearing your fur, as this too will lead to premature wear.
  • If your fur gets wet, shake it off and let it dry out naturally. Using heat can cause both fur and leather to dry out. If your fur gets soaked it needs the special attention that only we can provide!

Care tips for fur and shearling sheepskin

  • Unless you have a very delicate fur like chinchilla, your fur hat is a fairly durable item and simply must be treated with common sense. Furs like cold, hate heat. They don’t like friction, or chemicals. They like space, and to be cleaned. – but, only by a fur professional.
  • Give it a good home. Be sure to store your hat in a closet that is not exposed to light (which will fade your fur) or heat. Make sure it has room to breathe and is not crushed by other garments.
  • Avoid insecticides, mothproofing, and other chemicals around on your fur, including perfume, hairspray and makeup. Perfume contains alcohol, which can dry your pelts. Once a perfume gets into your fur-including cedar from a cedar chest- it will be there to stay.
  • If your fur gets wet, don’t panic. Most furs can handle snow and a light rain with ease. Shake it out and hang it to dry in a well ventilated room. Please resist the temptation to speed the drying process with a hairdryer or near a heat source. Remember furs do not like heat. After it dries you can then shake it again. Comb or brush it gently if the hairs seem a little bristly. If your fur has been soaked thru, however, take it immediately to your fur retailer for proper treatment.
  • In the off season it doesn’t hurt to send your fur hat to your local furrier for professional storage. This is optional but will ensure your hat stays in good condition through the warm months.
  • If your fur hat gets dirty have it cleaned by a professional fur cleaner. Besides just cleaning, this conditions your fur. Glazing is a process that replenishes oils to maintain a furs longevity. You may consider taking your hat to a furrier for glazing if you find that it needs to be refreshed.

About Russian Military Hats

Authentic hats from the Soviet, Russian, and Ukrainian military. As well as replica Bolshevik hats. These hats are great for collections, costumes, or just a unique piece of fashion for those who want to stand out…

The history of Russia is a long and complex story that includes decades of class struggles and even war. The path that has gotten Russia to where it is today has been filled with different political parties and different incarnations of the military. Here at The Russian Store we have compiled a unique collection of different from various time periods. We have Red Army hats. We have vintage Soviet hats (USSR hats, CCCP hats) and modern Russian military hats. We also have modern Ukrainian military hats. We have got them all. These hats are perfect for the avid military collector. Make sure to check back often as we are constantly updating our inventory with more and more new and vintage hats.

Hats off to Russian clothing!

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How to properly stretch a Russian Ushanka hat in 3 Steps !
How to properly stretch a Russian Ushanka hat in 3 Steps !
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