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Bomber Jacket with Fur

November 23, 2014
Bomber Jacket With Fur

I'm slowly progressing on my thoughtfully sewn wardrobe. I haven't really made or purchased jackets in the last couple of years or at least not ones that fit in my new color scheme and style. I feel like now I know what I really want, but I can't get through my to-do sewing list quick enough. Since I'm pregnant I can't make some of the regular items I want to make, so I'm going to focus on jackets (and maternity clothing). This is my second jacket on my list that I've finished. I used the McCartney Jacket pattern. It is the second time I've used it (the first was a quilted vest), and so far I like it. It's a great pattern with great instructions. The alterations I made were to lengthen the body by two inches, lengthen the sleeves by three inches, and add a removable hood.

I really wanted navy tweed fabric for this jacket. I love the texture and variation of tweed. I couldn't find anything within a reasonable price range, but I didn't do a whole lot of searching. I did find an upholstery weight navy tweed that I purchased. It felt like boring couch fabric and had a little sheen to it. When I washed a little piece of it, the sheen disappeared and the fabric became more supple. So I just threw all of it in the wash to make it soft and perfect.
I used navy rib knit for the cuffs on the sleeves and hem. I used a double pull coat zipper which I love. It's great for zipping just in the middle so my growing belly can poke out. I drafted the hood pattern from my favorite coat that has the perfect hood: big and removable. I also added a fur trim. I was going to buy some fur but found fur trim, like fur piping, at Joann's in a really pretty gray color. I purchased a yard, and it was almost the exact length I needed for the hood.
I used a striped slippery fabric for the lining that I thrifted. In all I really love this jacket. I love the color, the striped lining, the hood, and the pockets. I do go back and forth between wishing I had added batting in between the layers for more warmth, but it's still great how it is.
The shirt was a thrifted tunic that I added elastic to the side for a perfect maternity shirt. I love the color and beading. So far, it's one of my favorite shirts to wear this pregnancy. The pants are regular maternity pants that I sewed into skinny jeans. I also added elastic to the top of the over belly band to help them stay up. for some reason no maternity pants will stay up on me. I also added some simple distressing using this distressing jeans tutorial. I never realized how easy it was and now I want to do it to all my jeans! The distressing has definitely made these my favorite jeans of this pregnancy so far.
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